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Because A Great Smile Creates Confidence


Your denture service needs and satisfaction are important to us at NEWCASTLE DENTURE CLINIC. This is why we always strive for excellence for every job we take on​. Learn what our clients have to say by reading their reviews below. For an appointment, please contact us today.


Client Reviews

Kari is awesome !!! After being tortured over two years with teeth someone else did for me . Kari has fixed my s​mile better than ever before. Thank you so much Kari 😁

Esther. V

I have worn dentures (upper/lower) for about 35 years. Never got a good fit due to gag reflexes. Kari was great to work with a​nd has solved my problem with her professional (and friendly) approach. She explained each step and walked me through a satisfactory process. I would recommend her to anyone; with/without gagging problems - she is tops. 

Jim R.

After suffering with ill fitting implants for 3 years Kari was able to fit my dentures properly in one visit.

Relief from pressure and discomfort was immediate. She was thorough, patient, professional and caring. I would highly recommend Kari to anyone who needs the services of a denturist.

Lynda. M

I like to say th​ank you to Kari.  My new dentures fit so much better, she is caring and I would recommend Kari to anyone who needs false teeth. Believe me she takes pride in her work. Thank you so Much! 

Vanessa. A

After 12 years and three Denturist and still dentures that did not fit properly. Kari was able to get the job done in 24 hours and a perfect fit!  On​ly goes to show you it only takes one good women to do what three men couldn't conquer and I am so grateful to you. Thanks a million.

Robert. A

 I cannot begin to describe the improvement in my quality of life since Kari replaced the original denture implants provided by another denturist. After 4 years of gagging, discomfort, and lack of taste I can now swallow with ease, fully taste food and close my mouth without constant pressure on my molars. My appetite has improved and I have more energy. Kari cares about the perfect fit. Her fees, by comparison, are very reasonable. I would recommend her to anyone who wants quality, professionalism, and a caring attitude when in need of dentures.

Lynda. M

Being told that all my upper teeth need to be removed was scary and humbling.

I decided to go with upper implants, I had my periodontist but now needed a Denturist. I interviewed with a few as this was the person who would create my smile for the rest of my life, I also did not want anyone to notice. When my husband and I went to meet with Kari at Newcastle Denture Clinic , it was the most comfortable I had felt since approaching this ordeal. Kari took the time to explain in depth what I would be encountering. Nobody had explained it in such detail . My temporary dentures were exactly like my original teeth! My mother didn’t even notice nor did my closest friends! Kari made herself available for any adjustments and to help me breath through this whole process. The day finally came for my permanent teeth, Kari’s work is outstanding they look fantastic! Through this whole procedure, not one person noticed a change. Kari is very professional, caring and appropriately priced. I am so pleased with my choice of Denturist! 

Julie. P





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